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If you are experiencing issues with your hot water heater, we can help. Here at Parobek Plumbing we perform same day water heater repair in Bastrop 7 days a week! Our fast & affordable water heater services are amongst the most highly-reviewed of any company in the area. When your water heater stops functioning properly and you need a reliable, trustrworthy local pumbing company to get your hot water flowing again, call on Parobek Plumbing with confidence knowing that your water heater issues are one call away from being resolved today!

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Leaking Water Heater?

Water heaters usually only leak for a handful of reasons. Often times a leak can be the result of something minor like a loose connection. This is a quick & easy fix that can be resolved in a matter of minutes. Other times a leak could be the result of a major issue with the unit like a deteriorating tank in which case the only option may be replacement. To get the right diagnosis and avoid spending hundreds of dollars to have your water heater replaced when it could be repaired, it is best to call on the most trusted provider for water heater repair in Bastrop, Parobek Plumbing. Our 24/7 plumbing service

Give us a call and speak to a live representative in our office to speak with an expert or contact us over the web. As always it is our pleasure to service your plumbing needs.

Fixing a Leaking Water Heater

When we arrive on-site to address the root cause of your leaking hot water heater we will review several factors that commonly come into play when dealing with leaks:

  • Rust & deterioration is the leading cause of leaking tanks.
  • If your tank has burst/exploded there is likely no repair option available. The cause was likely excess pressure build up due to an improperly functioning pressure release valve.
  • Water heaters come equipped with drainage spigots so that tanks can be emptied and flushed. It is possible that your leak (if relatively small) is a result of a loose/malfunctioning spigot.
  • If the leak is coming from the top of the tank it is likely an easy-to-fix issue with the cold water inlet valve, loose pipe connection, or pressure release valve. All of these issues can repaired without having to replace the unit.

Give us a call today to schedule our expert water heater diagnosis service. We will identify the issue with your unit and walk through your options for repair. If the determination is made that your hot water heater is beyond repair, we will provide you with options to replace the unit with a new, energy efficient model.

Sudden Lack of Hot Water

Depending on the fuel source of your hot water heater, a sudden lack of hot water will usually inidicate a problem with a failing heating element, or pilot light issue. Both of which are typically inexpensive and relatively easy to repair or replace. If your property utilizes a gas unit, it is a good idea to check to make sure that the pilot light is lit, if it isn’t, light it. If it will not stay lit, give us a call, we can help. 

Smelly or Discolored Water?

If you are experiencing smelly water flowing from the taps in your home there is a quicky and easy way to tell if the issue is with the water supply or your hot water heater. If you open a faucet in your home and the cold water smells, it is water supply. A whole home water filtration system or water softener could prove to be a good solution for your home.

If the issue is discolored water or if your water only smells when you set the taps to “hot”, the issue is very likely within your hot water heater itself. Hot water heaters will produce smelly water due to a reaction between high concentration of sulfates within your water and your hot water heater’s anode rod. Anode rod’s can be replaced.

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