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Bastrop County Kitchen Plumbing

Taking Care of One of the Most Used Rooms in Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where the meals that fuel your family and friends are created. It’s a room every person in your family uses. It’s even the first thing we notice when looking for a new home. No wonder many homeowners invest a lot when it comes to the kitchen. Whether you are planning to completely remodel your kitchen or just upgrading some of the fixtures, make sure to ask Parobek Plumbing for professional help. We are trained and experienced in quality plumbing services dedicated to the needs of a home or commercial kitchen. From replacing faucets and sinks to installing new dishwashers or garbage disposals to changing a kitchen’s layout, our expert team ensures a job done right every time.

Call us now at (512) 361-5440 to consult with our Bastrop County kitchen plumbers. You may also ask about our flexible financing through GreenSky to help with any budget concerns.

Common Plumbing Issues in the Kitchen

When people think about plumbing, the first thing in their minds is the bathroom. It’s easy to forget that the kitchen has several plumbing components as well, which is why many kitchen plumbing issues go unnoticed for a long time.

Below are some of the most common plumbing problems in the kitchen:

  • Clogged kitchen sink- Food particles, grease, and soap scum can build up in your sink’s P-trap and cause a clog. If this happens, inspect the P-trap by putting a bucket underneath the pipes and loosen the slip nuts using pliers. If this sounds a bit complicated for you, call us.
  • Leaky kitchen faucets- If the leak is coming from the base, it might be time to replace your O-ring. If you know how to access the O-ring, make sure to turn off the water source before proceeding to disassemble your faucet.
  • Low water pressure- Check the water pressure in your other faucets to make sure that it’s an isolated case. If it is, the culprit may be calcium buildup from hard water in the faucet’s aerator. You may try cleaning this using a vinegar solution. If it didn’t help, contact Parobek Plumbing.
  • Garbage disposal malfunction- If your garbage disposal suddenly stopped working, try resetting it and see if it runs again. If it didn’t, the problem might be with the motor. Call our Bastrop County plumbers for a full range of garbage disposal services.
  • Dishwasher leaks and other issues- Whatever problem you encounter with your dishwasher, we can help. Our expert team is professionally trained to handle all dishwasher makes and models, from repairs to installation and maintenance.

If you encounter any of the issues in the list above, keep in mind that Parobek Plumbing is ready to help. We even bring with us a fully stocked truck to ensure prompt, efficient kitchen plumbing services.

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