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Emergency Plumbing in Bastrop County

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Plumbing problems can happen at any time of the day or night. Whether you just got home at night to a flooded basement or your hot water heater has stopped working as you get ready for work, don’t panic. Just pick up and the phone and call Parobek Plumbing. Our family owned and operated company is available around the clock for emergency plumbing situations. As a plumbing company first and customer service company second, we assure you that we will always answer your call. We always put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, which is why we understand your need for a fast, reliable service team. Our professional Bastrop County plumbers are standing ready with a fully stocked truck to resolve your emergency plumbing needs in a timely manner.

Day or night, Parobek Plumbing is here for you. Call us now at (512) 910-8123!


When to Call for Emergency Plumbing

It’s true that most plumbing problems seem like an emergency situation. As a good rule of thumb, however, plumbing emergencies are those that can wreak havoc on your property, your health, and your safety.

The most common plumbing emergencies we attend to include but are not limited to:

  • Burst pipe– A burst pipe can cause severe flooding and damage to your home. If this happens to you, try shutting off your main water valve first and call a professional plumber right away. Other plumbing issues that are in the same category include frozen pipes, overflowing toilets, and sump pump malfunctions.
  • Gas leak– If you smell a strong sulfur scent or rotten eggs in your home or your carbon monoxide detectors have gone off, get out of the house immediately and call 911. As soon as you’re outside, call us so we can repair the gas line problem.
  • No hot water– We know how important hot water is for your daily routine. If you have children or elderly in the house, taking a shower using cold water may not be an option, which is why we consider a broken water heater as an emergency.
  • No water supply– First, try calling your local water company to determine if there’s a water interruption scheduled on that day. You may also ask your neighbors if there’s water in their home. As soon as you determine that you’re the only house without water, call us.
  • Clogged drains/toilets– Some homeowners can go another day using the toilet in the other bathrooms in the house. However, we also take into consideration homeowners with only one bathroom and respond to this issue as an emergency.

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Parobek Plumbing is committed to making things easier for you during plumbing emergencies. We respond quickly and efficiently to mitigate damages and get your home or commercial space in working order again.

Keep our number handy for emergency plumbing in Bastrop, Smithville, Flatonia, Elgin, or anywhere in Bastrop County.



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