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Modern homes offer many fantastic features that make our lives easier and more comfortable. But it would be hard to pick one element that is more important than hot water. And if you doubt this, just wait until the day that your water heater is not working correctly, and you are forced to endure a cold shower. You are sure to be looking for a reliable plumbing company in Manor, Tx, as soon as you warm up. Fortunately, the only number that you need to know is (512) 910-8123. And that call to Parobek Plumbing could save you hundreds of dollars or more with Water Heater Repair in Manor, Tx.

Water Heater Repair in Manor, Tx is not uncommon, and sadly, many plumbers are not interested in forming a long term relationship with customers. They are only interested in a fast, easy, and very profitable job. So they are quick to tell every customer that they need to buy a new water heater. However, at Parobek Plumbing, we are working to earn your business for life. And the only way that we will accomplish that goal is to provide you with honest evaluations, fair price quotes, and exceptional customer service. We know that you remember who fixed your water heater for $100 when other companies were quoting you prices closer to $1,000. Call us today at (512) 910-8123 for more information about water heater repair in Manor, Tx as well as all your plumbing needs.

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Typical Water Heater Issues

Most people think that the only thing that can go wrong with a water heater is that it no longer heats the water. But that is not the case. An issue with the heating element or the thermostat can result in water that is barely warm or extremely hot and dangerous. Problems with the gas supply line or the electrical service can also cause a malfunction when the water heater itself is not broken.

The holding tank of your traditional water heater can also create a few issues. If the water has an odd odor, there is a very good chance that bacteria is contaminating the tank. A professional tank cleaning is often a cost-effective way to resolve this issue. Hot water with a slight brown or yellow color is usually due to rust or corrosion in the tank. A Parobek Plumbing pro can drain the tank for you and determine if the tank has started to break down or if the issue is related to the heating element.

While all of these issues might sound expensive to correct, they are all much less costly than replacing your entire water heater. You would never buy a new car just because the tires are worn out. And you should never replace your water heater just because one small component is not working correctly.

Types Of Water Heaters

There are two very different types of water heaters that you could select for your Manor, Tx home. The first is the traditional tank-style water heater. These units have a large holding tank where the water is heated. The amount of hot water that you have available is determined by the size of the tank that you select. And while these are not the most energy-efficient units, they are more affordable.

The second type of water heater is called a tankless water heater, for the apparent reason. These units only heat water when there is a demand for it. Because this water heater is not consuming energy to keep water hot 24/7 in a holding tank, it is more energy-efficient to operate. But the trade-off is that these units are more expensive to purchase.

Both conventional and tankless water heaters can be configured to use either gas or electricity to heat your water, depending on what is available in your home. And each style offers a variety of pros and cons. Also, both units are comprised of many components that can require some repair or replacement from time to time.

When you discover an issue with your water heater, don’t immediately begin to worry about the high price of a new unit. In many cases, a licensed plumber from Parobek Plumbing will be able to locate the issue and fix it for much less than the cost of a new water heater installation. Call (512) 910-8123 to learn more about your options and to schedule an appointment for the best most reliable Water Heater Repair in Manor, Tx.

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